We love it here!

During the night of Monday, April 14, two of the In From the Cold emergency shelter staff offered this “first impression”…

“As we sit here in the middle of the night of our first evening at the new shelter, we just wanted to say: WE LOVE IT HERE! We admit that we had a lot of trepidation about moving. Change is hard; we didn’t know what to expect, how would it work on 2 floors, would we have everything we needed, where’s the milk jug??? But with very few minor – and no major issues – we have put everyone to bed and can sit back and admire this beautiful space that has been created from a dream and the dedication of this organization.

We watched as our clients entered this new space tonight. It was magical to share their excitement — after years in the crowded basement at 426 Barrie Street — it was like we had arrived in a new world. At first, people were in awe and maybe a bit overwhelmed. But that was quickly followed by a wonderful calm contentment… that this time in their lives, a time of struggle and uncertainty, did not define what they are worth. We think there was a realization that this agency respects them as people, deserving of a place like this, because they ARE worth it!

Although 540 Montreal Street is just a ‘building’, we felt like we were part of restoring hope and dignity to people tonight.

Thank you to everyone for all the hard work that went into making IFTC at 540 Montreal Street happen!”
Alex and Brooke

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