The Social Housing Registry is where applications for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing are accepted. Home Base Housing’s Housing Help Centre is one location in the city where the applications are available. By filling out an application with one of our Community Support Workers at the Housing Help Centre, applicants can apply to more than one housing provider by completing only one application form.

Are you eligible?

  1. At least one person of your household must be 16 years of age, or older and able to live independently.
  2. Each member of your household must be a Canadian Citizen, or have applied to be a permanent resident of Canada or have Refugee Protection — a copy of appropriate documentation must be included.
  3. If you owe money to any federally, provincially or municipally funded housing provider in Ontario, you must re-pay the money in full or have a repayment agreement in place. The repayment agreement must be in good standing and you must supply a copy to the registry.
  4. Your total household income must be under the established income limit by type of unit, depending on your family composition: Adult, Aboriginal, Family, Rent Supplement, Seniors, Supportive, Special Needs.
  5. If you own residential property, you will be required to sign an agreement to sell it.

Special Circumstances?

There is a particular priority for the wait list: Special Priority . Special Priority status is a legislative reserved for individuals who are or have been abused by another household member. A separate application must be submitted (in addition to PART A) and the Registry required verification documentation.

Wait List?

Yes, there is a wait list. Wait times vary depending on housing locations, bedroom size required/available and vacancy turnover.

Need help filling out the form?

Before arriving at the Housing Help Centre at 540 Montreal St. (see contact page for a map), be certain that you have the correct identification. Acceptable ID includes SIN card (original — not a copy), and a birth certificate. The application form has additional suggestions for acceptable ID choices.

If you do not need help or want to review the application form (PART A only), please use this button to visit the City of Kingston Social Housing Registry forms page:

[button url=”” target=”_blank” style=”orange” size=”large”] City of Kingston Social Housing Registry Forms [/button]


You can call the Housing Help Centre at 613-531-3779 for more information and assistance.

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