Kingston Youth Services

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Homes & Community
for Youth

We offer a variety of programs for youth between the ages of 16-24 who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. Our goal is to shift the focus from emergency shelter to prevention and housing options with support.

Prevention Services

Our Prevention Diversion Youth Case Managers are the first point of contact for a youth who may find themselves homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and who are unsure of what options may be available to them. Our friendly staff works with the youth to explore their housing and support needs. 

The goal is by working with a case manager the youth are able to develop a plan moving forward to find housing stabilization within the community.



“Youth Services helped me to get my apartment, take me to my appointments and get food. They gave me a job, which provided a reference letter; they supplied me with cooking programs. Before Youth Services, I was staying in a shelter with nothing and doing nothing.”

“I was lost, failing school and not living up to my expectations. Since having my own place, I graduated high school this past June!”

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Housing and Support Options

At Kingston Youth Services we offer a range of supportive housing for young people.

RISE @one4nine

A 21-unit apartment building comprised of transitional and long term units with 16 hours of on site staff support available. By providing a nurturing environment, youth are able to build on their individual strengths by engaging in positive relationships and accessing resources and activities which assist them to cope with adversity.

Journey House

A 5-bedroom shared house which provides approximately 20 hours of on site staff support. Young people may reside at Journey House for up to 1 year. This program is designed for young people who require less intensive supports and are able to reside with others in common areas of the house.

Sutherland House

A 3-bedroom shared house with no regular on site staff. The young person meets with a Housing Youth Case Manager on a regular basis in order to support the young person. Youth who reside at Sutherland should have the ability to live independently and with other people.

Housing First Services

These are available to youth who are homeless and require additional and longer term supports in order to obtain and maintain their housing. The Housing First program works from a harm reduction model and supports a youth in housing of their choice.

Those In Need

Approximately 30% of all homeless people in Canada are youth between the ages of 13-25

Young Adults

The longer a young person is entrenched in the street lifestyle, the harder it is to get off the street and move forward with his/her life.

Homeless Adults

Many of the chronically homeless adults we see on the street today began their homelessness when they were young.


25% – 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ2S.

Indigenous Youth

30% of Indigenous youth are or have experienced homelessness.

Homeless youth are at greater risk
of exploitation, violence and victimization

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