Housing Help Centre

Housing Help Centre

Located at 540 Montreal Street at the corner of Joseph St., the Housing Help Centre offers one-stop housing assistance. Since it opened in 2000, the Housing Help Centre has responded to the needs of individuals who are homeless or require affordable housing.

If you are 16-24 years old please visit One Roof for housing help

Through the Housing Help Centre, our staff assists people with applications for the Social Housing Registry. They provide practical assistance in gathering required documentation to complete the applications for the Registry. Given that there is an extensive waiting period for subsidized housing, the staff provides more immediate assistance to finding alternate housing arrangements through our Apartment Listing.

How We Help

Voice Mail Services

Community Voice Mail

The centre offers a Community Voice Mail service where those who do not have a phone can receive a private extension with a common telephone number at no cost.

Private Extension

This private extension allows anyone to leave a message for the person and the person can access their messages from any phone at anytime.

Mail Agreement

Another free-to-clients service is our Mail Agreement where those without a fixed address can have mail re-directed to the Housing Help Centre, helping those individuals or families to stay connected through the mail. This service cannot be used for Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program.

For adults ages 25+, these services are available at 540 Montréal Street

If you are 16-24 years old, please contact One Roof

Our Apartment Listing is updated three times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) and ranges from Rooms to 3-bedroom Apartments.  It is compiled from existing marketplace advertising as well as from numerous contacts with local landlords. Our lists are also faxed to social service and health care institutions to be used by their clients. The list is also located on our website… under the drop-down menu for the Housing Help Centre.

Apartment Listings


Prevention/Diversion Case Management:

If you have been asked to leave your current housing, have no housing, or your housing is unsafe you may be referred to a Prevention/Diversion Case Manager.

This person can support you searching for new housing, help you navigate the eviction process, and refer you to relevant resources. Every person’s situation is unique and requires different supports. Supports can look like helping contact landlords, helping fill out applications, education regarding tenancy rights, referrals to other resources, advocating to landlords or other agencies, help communicating with other agencies.

Homeless Prevention Fund

If you are homeless or are facing eviction, a Prevention Diversion Case Manager can help you complete a Homelessness Prevention Fund Application. This fund can help with select costs associated with securing new housing or with preventing an eviction.


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Additional Information

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Looking to access any of our housing options?

Contact our main office at (613) 542-6672 and request to speak with the Housing Help Centre.

You can also reach out to us using the contact form below

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