Home to Home – Granting support to Lily

On July 28, 2018, the local Home Depot store celebrated its 20th anniversary and used the special event to announce The Home Depot Canada Foundation  grant being awarded to Home Base Housing’s Lily’s Place Emergency Shelter. The $35,000 grant supports initiatives that prevent and end youth homelessness through renovation and repair projects that provide youth access to safe, stable shelter and support services.  We are grateful to The Home Depot Canada Foundation for selecting Home Base Housing’s Lily’s Place Emergency Shelter for this grant.

Lily’s Place Emergency Shelter is the only shelter in Kingston that is specifically for families who are experiencing homelessness; many with youth and small children.  Its 19-bed capacity in a home-like environment makes the shelter as close to “home” as possible.  In addition to Emergency Shelter Workers who assist the families “in house”, there are also Housing First Case Managers who meet, assess and assist the families in securing a new home because, at Home Base Housing, we believe everyone deserves a place called home!



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