With Ontario’s vaccine certificate, advocates ask: how will it work for homeless people?

Andrew Fletcher said he’s fully-vaccinated against COVID-19, but now he’s worried how he’ll be able to prove it. Ontario announced a vaccine-certificate plan on Wednesday. It’s a tool meant to stop the spread of the virus and prevent future lockdowns. The plan will require documentation to access what the province says are “high-risk” spaces such as gyms, restaurants and cinemas, making it […]

Hughes leads OBM in multi-tiered plan to help homeless deal with vax passport regs

As Montreal’s oldest and largest organization helping homeless men and women find safe haven and receive the vital services they need, the Old Brewery Mission is now working to ensure that the vulnerable it serves are not further limited from taking part in their communities as the vaccine passport was implemented Sept.1 across Quebec. The […]

30 years of homelessness ends for one man thanks to innovative partnership

SAN DIEGO— After 30 years of experiencing homelessness in Lake County, California, Michael Alan Patrick—a talented mechanic and writer—has located, reconnected with, and returned to his family in Tacoma,  Washington. This reunion was made possible because of an innovative partnership between Simtech Solutions, Inc.  and Miracle Messages, and a few extra questions asked by a […]

America’s Homelessness Crisis Is About to Get a Lot Worse

Last week, the Supreme Court struck down the federal eviction moratorium, one of the strongest strands in the social safety net that the government laid down last year to cushion the blow of the coronavirus-induced recession. Without that protection, millions of Americans around the country are now in jeopardy of being kicked out of their […]

Silicon Valley’s $250 million answer to the homelessness crisis?

With pandemic unemployment and eviction protections ending this month, the CEO of one of Silicon Valley’s biggest homeless services nonprofits is calling on corporate leaders to step up in a big way — by ponying up $250 million to open 10 emergency housing sites. The call to action underscores a question that’s become especially urgent […]

Halifax council approves $500K fund for emergency housing

‘It’s time to pull out all the stops,’ says Mayor Mike Savage Halifax Regional Council held a special meeting Tuesday to discuss the housing crisis, almost two weeks after a mass forced eviction of people sleeping in tents and shelters in public parks in the city. Protests, arrests, and police violence ensued when people tried to stop […]

Whitehorse city council votes in favour of downtown supportive housing project

City council pushed forward a funding application for 55 units at the High Country Inn A supportive housing project in downtown Whitehorse is inching closer to reality. The City of Whitehorse is endorsing a plan to take over the High Country Inn and create 55 permanent supportive housing units in that building. City council voted […]

Halifax council passes short-term relief for homelessness crisis in the municipality

Halifax regional council allotted $500,000 Tuesday for an emergency plan to address temporary housing for the homeless in the city. Mayor Mike Savage asked that procedural rules surrounding the involvement of the finance standing committee and a staff report be waived to “direct the CAO to implement a range of emergency supportive housing and emergency shelter […]

Hotel rooms for London homeless extended to March

Hotel rooms that are sheltering homeless Londoners during the pandemic will be rented until March in what city hall calls a “wind-down phase.” Hotel rooms that are sheltering homeless Londoners during the pandemic will be rented until March in what city hall calls a “wind-down phase.” That will mark two years since hotel rooms were […]