Kingston Youth Services Hub


Our Objective

To provide critical services to 16-24-year-old homeless and vulnerable youth in one location. Combining individualized case management and supports across programs in the most cost-effective way to utilize limited operational financial resources, staffing, and shared infrastructure & facilities to maximize deliverables to Kingston youth.

HBH is in the business of ending homelessness.


We Believe, that everyone should have a warm bed to sleep in, food to sustain them, the dignity and right, to having a place to call home


We do this by caring. Identifying and meeting the needs of vulnerable youth, families in distress, and single adults, to have immediate shelter, find a place to call home, and to sustain a roof over their heads.


We provide individual supportive and wraparound services through case managers, supportive and transitional housing, emergency shelters, a youth services hub, a housing help center, and permanent housing.

Proven Success:

Since 1987 HBH has grown to meet the needs of the community and has taken up the mantle where others have abandoned their roles.  From recently orchestrating the opening of individual isolation centre for the homeless, a Warming and Counselling Centre to building transitional and supportive housing, HBH delivers on identifying and meeting the needs of the homeless and vulnerable.

Proven Fiscal Responsibility:

Accomplished through frugal management of financial resources, the development of cost-saving program models by partnering with community resources, utilizing shared facilities, and staffing models to deliver superior human deliverables.

Proven Management:

HBH senior leadership team is small but diversely talented to lead each area of management.  But leadership is not defined at HBH as the senior leadership team, each employee is consulted for their on the ground knowledge to identify community and systemic needs.  This strengthens decision making and allows HBH to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the homeless and vulnerable.

Wholistic Approach

The Youth Services Hub approach is to see the entire complex as having a symbiotic relationship and creating elements throughout to eliminate the barriers to self-sufficiency.

E.g. All functions of the site will offer employable skills development from janitorial to event management and everything in between.


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