YIMBY T-shirts support new location of Charlottetown community outreach centre

A Charlottetown woman wants to turn a NIMBY moment over the location of a community outreach centre into a YIMBY movement. Sarah MacEachern is heading up a group of concerned citizens who are printing and selling T-shirts with the slogan YIMBY: yes in my backyard. “As a group of people who care and who value every […]

‘There are times I sit here and cry,’ renter says of housing situation

People trying to end homelessness in the region echo what those feeling the crunch are saying: People say they are at the breaking point and something needs to be done soon. The City of Barrie currently has the fourth-highest rental rates in Canada. On average, a one-bedroom apartment in the city rents for $1,650 per month, which […]

Injured Vancouver homeless man who spoke out about tent cities has died

Carl Sinclair, whose assault last fall at a tent city in Vancouver’s Strathcona Park helped fuel calls for housing and support for people living there, has died. Mr. Sinclair’s beating went unreported for 12 hours as he lay injured in the park and ultimately forced the amputation of his leg. After time in hospital and […]